Przez okres wakacyjny zakład w soboty nieczynny. Możliwość spotkań w sobotę po uprzednim umówieniu.



Design is our greatest value. We design products and spaces together with our clients. We base projects on their real needs. We work with creative teams and we have experienced technologists and constructors, thanks to which, apart from the visual aspect, we assess the implementation possibilities of the project, thanks to which the projects are beautiful and feasible.

Processing and care

We Inspire - Advise - Design - Implement

Processing and care

1. grinding
2. polishing
3. impregnation
4. renovation


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules of care, impregnation and cleaning. It will allow to keep your products in beautiful shape for years. Our company’s stone products are made of high-quality natural materials. They have changes in colors, shades and graining characteristic of a given natural stone.  Therefore, we do not consider complaints related to these changes.

Good advice: cleaning, care, impregnation of the surface of stone elements.

  1. The stone surface should be cleaned, cared for and impregnated only with a soft fabrics.
  2. It can be cleaned and cared for every day.
  3. Impregnation is recommended once a year.
  4. For impregnation, it is recommended to use only chemicals specifically intended for stone, marble and it should be carried out according to the instructions provided with the detergent.
  5. The maximum temperature of heating the stone floor should be up to 27°C.
  6. Avoid spilling any sharp, corrosive, salty, acidic liquids, substances, e.g. vinegar, wine or candle wax, etc. If any substance is spilled, remove it immediately.
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