Marble floor coverings

Born from nature, each piece of stone has a specific character and grain. This hard and cool material has been used for floors and floor toppings for years. The organic surface of natural stone is resistant to dust and allergenic organisms, making it safe and durable. The floor in the apartment is the element of the decor which, in addition to the typical utility values, must be characterized by a style that matches the character of the interior. Natural stone floors, synonymous with luxury, elegance and timeless aesthetics, are perfect for this role. Our offer includes floors made of both granite, marble and quartz sinters, which fit into the modern and classic design. Internal stone floors are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to damage, which makes them used not only in homes, but also in heavily used buildings. Using the variety of colors and textures of natural stone, investors can create a unique arrangement of any interior – both the hall and representative rooms.

Marble floor coverings

Marble floor coverings are a true icon of interior design style. They are perfect for all conditions, giving the rooms elegance and individual character. They also combine with other types of floor coverings, thanks to which you can design your own creation of the floor, smoothly passing between individual rooms. We offer marble floor coverings tailored to your individual taste and architectural concept of the interior. We have various versions of the stone, with different colors and structures. Stone in intense black colors will be perfect for spacious rooms, designed in a modern and minimalist style. The catalog of our services also includes professional laying of marble floor coverings, performed by an experienced team of employees. As a direct importer of stone, we offer you a large selection of marble floor coverings at attractive prices throughout Poland.

Granite floor coverings

Granite is a hard-edged stone with a beautiful natural grain. Its flexibility makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to this, granite floor coverings bring an original and highly aesthetic look to the places where they occur. Our offer also includes granite floor coverings, which we prepare in accordance with your expectations and the previously agreed project. We import stone from all over the world, selecting the material in terms of quality and aesthetics. Granite floor coverings are an offer addressed to both individual and institutional clients – business owners, managers of commercial and service facilities or representatives of the public sector. We provide a guarantee for the installation and granite floor coverings made by us.

If you want to get detailed information about the estimated costs of making a natural stone floor coverings, please be invited to contact us. After getting acquainted with the specification of the building and its area, we will present an attractive price offer. We implement projects throughout the country. We also provide professional support in the selection of the optimal material for the floor covering, tailored to your expectations and the purpose of the room where the stone is to be installed.

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