A stone bathroom is synonymous with elegance, timeless beauty and durability. Stone can be a delicate accent in the room, by using it, for example, on one wall, as well as be the only finishing material. In this case, the possibilities are almost countless – limited only by the imagination and individual sense of aesthetics of each investor. The stone for the bathroom wall is available in various colors, so you can adapt it to the dream arrangement of the room. We offer a variety of stone for the bathroom, which is perfect for this type of room. The stone is also ideal as a finish for shower cabins, constituting a unique decorative element of the room.

Marble bathroom

Marble bathroom, until recently associated only with luxury buildings, today is also more and more often found in houses and apartments. The popularity of this solution is greatly influenced by the unique aesthetics of marble and its natural durability. Our offer includes, among others, marble tiles for the bathroom, which are a unique decoration of any interior. They are available in many shades and textures, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to the individual arrangement of the room. A common solution is a marble countertop for the bathroom, which we make to size – strictly according to the investor’s guidelines. This solution is distinguished not only by its timeless aesthetics, but also by its functional properties. Marble in the bathroom is also a guarantee of uniqueness in terms of appearance, because natural stone differs in texture and color. A bathroom with marble in white shades, with beige or gray veining is a perfect solution for small spaces, which this stone will optically enlarge.

Granite in the bathroom

Granite in the bathroom is a common solution that is appreciated primarily for its timeless aesthetics and exceptional durability. High-quality granite tiles for the bathroom will decorate the room for many years, without the need for expensive and time-consuming maintenance. Granite is also distinguished by its versatility, thanks to which it fits perfectly with other materials. The solution used in rooms decorated in a modern style is a granite countertop for the bathroom combined with tiles, creating a contrasting combination of tradition and modernity.

The bathroom made of granite is also an elegant finish of the walls, which fits both classic and modern styles. Thanks to the various color versions of the stone that we offer, you can create an individual space from the bathroom, in accordance with your own taste and aesthetic preferences. Granite can be used not only in spacious interiors – this material also creates a perfect finish for small bathrooms, giving them lightness and modern expression.

Bathroom with sinter

Quartz sinters are suitable for interiors, in particular for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Huge slabs of sintered quartz can be used as an alternative to materials such as marble and granite. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish it from natural stone, and the richness and repeatability of patterns enable dream interior arrangements. Thanks to their excellent technical properties, quartz sinter plates are ideal for the most delicate applications requiring maximum hygiene and resistance. The large format of the boards (3200 x 1600, 12 mm thick) allows you to get rid of joints, increasing the aesthetics of the interior.

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