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We appreciate the power and natural architecture of stone by inviting it to our homes and our lives to enjoy its good energy. This demanding and raw material, with a bit of our tenderness, is a unrepeatable and unique beauty, and the technology we have helps us to bring unobvious images straight from nature into the interior.


Stone is the passion of the company’s owner, Mr Józef Orzechowski. He travels around the world looking for it and discovers more and more amazing naturally designed patterns.


Responsibility towards the environment is the most important thing for us, which is why we make the most of every piece of material, respecting its origin and uniqueness. Many years of experience and a team of experts allow us to implement the most demanding and sophisticated projects. The trust of our Clients is a reward for us for inspiring them to use courageous and unobvious solutions as well as partnership cooperation in realizing their dreams.

Brand's value


It is our way of thinking about the functioning of the company, product design and material use. This approach is based on teamwork, cooperation with designers and sensitivity to customer needs.

Responsibility towards the environment

The maximum use of every piece of material born in nature has accompanied us from the beginning of the company's establishment. We approach the implementation of our projects with great respect and we focus on partnership cooperation with our clients and help in realizing their dreams


Transparency and clear rules of cooperation are the basis for building a company and partnership with our clients. The highest quality of products and services is the goal of our activities and the driving force behind our continuous development.


Stone has been with us for over 35 years. We know everything about it, we love its nature and we have learned to deal with it. Our vast experience and a team of experts as well as a modern machine park give us unlimited possibilities in the implementation of the most demanding projects. Thanks to this, we are able to Inspire, Design and Realize the dreams of our clients.

ORZECHOWSKI is a family company with vast experience, operating for over 35 years in the industry. It is a team of experts, professionals, specialists who know everything about natural stone, know its properties, are able to work with its matter and use their own, modern technology park for this purpose. They provide a comprehensive service, from design and consulting, to assembly and implementation, they know how to properly care for stone in everyday use. The company's headquarters and showroom are located in Mazury in Działdowo, the second showroom is in Warsaw. Orzechowski provides services both in Poland and abroad.

From the beginning, the company operated under the name GRAN-MAR. Along with market changes, new customer needs, the introduction of new product categories and the need to provide services on the international arena and obtain subsidies, the company decided to implement a design process, update the brand strategy and develop new solutions. Following trends and observing economic, technological and, above all, ecological changes, the company has introduced new products and modified the existing offer. It has undergone rebranding, has implemented a new visual identity and changed its name to ORZECHOWSKI after the name of the company’s founder, Józef Orzechowski, who manages the company together with his two daughters and a team of experienced experts. The company has introduced new logotypes and created new brands, organizing the product category.


Along with the change in brand positioning and a new offer dedicated to a customer from the premium market, the company began the design process, which resulted in cooperation with Polish designers, under which new product designs are created, both in existing categories and new areas. ORZECHOWSKI fulfills orders using the highest quality materials, including those obtained in accordance with sustainable development: granite, marble, quartz sinters. He carries out projects in the field of interior design: fireplaces, window sills, floors, countertops, stairs, floor coverings, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens and facades, tables, washbasins, stone platters. The offer includes stones from all over the world, which have been most often searched for personally by the founder of the company, Józef Orzechowski, an absolute lover and enthusiast in the field of natural stone.

The timeless beauty hidden in stone is a challenge for us when designing new products and providing services. Design is an important element of our development and accompanies us at every step of thinking about this material and its use in the space of our homes.
Józef Orzechowski
Modern machine park
Modern machine park

Our experience, knowledge and skills, using our modern machine park, give us unlimited possibilities of precise execution of even the most sophisticated order and a complex pattern in the highest quality. We have the ability and powers to process any type of stone, granite and marble imported by us from all over the world, both in the form of slabs and stone boards. We have modern CNC machines – 5 and 3 axes, circular machines, milling machines, grinders, polishers and Water-Jet machines.


We readily take up the most difficult challenges.

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