Facades made of natural stone are an original and aesthetic finish for each building, giving it a unique character. We make facades of the highest quality materials, which – in addition to timeless aesthetics – are characterized by durability and resistance to changing weather conditions or moisture. We approach each order individually, preparing the stone in accordance with the investor’s expectations and the previously developed project. We also provide professional support, helping in the selection of the optimal material for the facade of the building and instructing customers on the proper care and maintenance of stone. The exterior facade stone is impregnated, which protects the structure of the material against water and low and high temperatures.

Stone for exterior facades

Stone for exterior facades creates almost unlimited possibilities in terms of arranging the facade of the building. The varied colors and the original texture of the stone perfectly fit into both modern and classic styles. We offer the highest quality facade stone, imported directly from the leading manufacturers of this material around the world.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, including the preparation and laying of facade stone. You can obtain a calculation of services directly from our employees, who will prepare a detailed cost estimate for the manufacturing of a stone facade, after obtaining the necessary information, among others, about the size of the building, its technical specification or the type of selected material.

Elewacje - Air

Elewacje ze spieku to innowacyjne, przyjazne środowisku rozwiązanie wzornicze. Elewacje są bardzo odporne na czynniki zewnętrzne, łatwe w czyszczeniu. Klient może dobrać spieki z powłoką hydrotect. Jest to innowacyjne i jednocześnie proekologiczne rozwiązanie w budownictwie. Spiek z powłoką ma funkcje samoczyszczące i oczyszczające powietrze W znaczny sposób poprawia jakość środowiska.

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