Stone stairs are not only an element of communication routes, but above all an undoubted decoration of buildings. Our company, operating on the market continuously since 1986, offers stairs made of natural stone, tailored to the individual expectations of each investor. The distinguishing feature of the offer is the highest quality of the raw materials used and flexibility in terms of design.

As a direct importer of marble and granite, we offer our customers selected stone at attractive prices. Our projects include both residential buildings and commercial and service facilities. In each project, we combine the beauty of natural stone with the individual sense of aesthetics of our clients. Marble or granite stairs are also easy to clean and extremely durable.

Granite stairs

Among the products we offer, we have granite stairs, which are made in our factory from stone imported from mines located almost all over the world. What distinguishes stone stairs? There are many features that make granite perfect for use in communication routes. The first advantage is the aforementioned aesthetics of the stone, which consists of unusual colors and texture of the material.

Granite for stairs is a common and safe solution also outside. The stone is characterized by great durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Granite in this role works perfectly, creating an aesthetic entrance to the building. We make granite stairs according to individual customer projects. The service is comprehensive and includes not only the sale of granite slabs for stairs, but also their professional installation.

Marble stairs

In our offer you will also find marble stairs, which are synonymous with elegance, durability and extraordinary aesthetics. The choice of this stone ensures the uniqueness of the final appearance of the stairs, due to the varied texture and color of this natural raw material. Marble stairs perfectly fit into the modern and classic style, creating a unique character of each interior.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer, including stairs made of natural stone. By cooperating with us, you gain a guarantee of reliability, timeliness and the highest quality. We also provide professional advice on the selection of stone for stairs, tailored to the place where it is to be installed, as well as to your individual aesthetic expectations. It is enough to contact us to obtain all information about marble and granite stairs and to determine the details of the future order.

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