Striving for proximity to nature has become the center of interest for many of us and the goal of activities also related to interior design. The inspiration for the collection of our tables was also nature itself, specifically pebbles, stones carved by water found in mountain rivers. It is their perfectly rounded shape that we imitated in the marble material. Thanks to this, we have obtained lightness and an organic, pleasant shape of tables that will transfer good energy and power of natural material, reproduced in a noble material, which is marble, to your space.

The "Sea Stone" collection

Designed for various functional rooms in private and public spaces. Tables give a unique look and style to the room. The collection consists of several tables that can function both together and separately. You can add a sofa accessory to the collection. Thanks to technology, processing, it was possible to obtain rounded soft shapes reminiscent of sea pebbles.

Product features:

  • Choice of stone
  • Dimensions:
  • Small table with glass pane: 50/50/H 44cm
  • Medium table: 100/50/H 43cm
  • Large table: 100/80/H 55 cm

They combine different types of stone and materials. It is possible to personalize by choosing the top, stone and dimensions.

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