Kitchen countertops

Currently, kitchens are the focal point of an apartment or house, gathering household members around them and playing a specific representative role, giving character to the entire space.

Kitchen countertops are not only an aesthetic decorative element of the room, but above all a furniture finish, ensuring a comfortable working space. Therefore, the worktop should be resistant to mechanical damage, high and low temperatures and moisture, and at the same time have a timeless look that fits into the individual style of the apartment. We offer custom-made kitchen worktops made of stone. Stone kitchen worktops are a unique natural design, durability and easy to clean. These are the features that make natural raw materials more and more often invited to home kitchens. We make countertops of various types of stone, tailored to the individual preferences of the investor.

Granite kitchen countertops

Granite kitchen countertops that we offer are one of the most frequently chosen solutions.

  • This material is characterized by exceptional resistance to mechanical damage as well as to high and low temperatures, which is of great importance in every kitchen. Granite countertops available in our assortment are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage – abrasion, formation of scratches and bruises.
  • The natural properties of granite allow it to be used in places with high humidity. The advantage of granite countertops that we install in kitchens is non-absorption. This means that the board does not absorb moisture and is not subject to discoloration.
  • The granite kitchen worktop is also easy to keep clean. Daily washing with traditional agents that remove all dirt from the surface of the countertop is enough.
  • When choosing this stone, the aesthetics of the material is also of great importance. The granite kitchen worktop is characterized by an original structure and texture, fitting into the arrangement of any interior – decorated in a classic and modern style.

Marble kitchen countertop

Elegance and timeless style characterize the marble kitchen countertop, which we also make for our customers. It is a more absorbent material than granite, so you need to pay special attention to the use of marble countertops.

It is a perfect solution for modern and minimalist kitchens, where marble gives the interior an individual character. Marble countertops are available in many colors and textures, which makes this stone a unique finishing element for every kitchen.

Sintered quartz countertop

One of the more and more frequently used elements of kitchen furniture is a sintered quartz countertop. At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish it from natural stone, but its properties are completely different. The popularity of this material is influenced by its advantages, not only in terms of appearance, but also functionality. Listing the advantages that distinguish countertops made of sintered quartz, one should first of all emphasize their weight. They are much lighter than natural stone, and thus their installation is easier. The countertops are also very resistant to mechanical damage, as well as to detergents, solvents and disinfectants. An important feature that distinguishes the kitchen worktop made of quartz sinter is the approval for contact with food. So you can safely prepare food directly on the countertop, where mold and fungus will not develop. The rich design gives many possibilities in the use of patterns characteristic of natural stones.

Custom made kitchen countertops

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, including custom-made kitchen worktops throughout Poland. We encourage you to contact our employees who will help you choose the right solution, adapting it to the individual expectations and aesthetic preferences of the client. We offer a comprehensive service, including the measurement of the countertop, its manufacturing, assembly and detailed instruction in the field of care and maintenance, which will allow you to extend its durability and maintain its original aesthetics for many years.

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