Other materials


Quartzite is a natural stone that is hard and resistant to damage and stains. It is used in the production of kitchen countertops, wall linings, window sills, it works well as a material for floors or fireplace casings.

It is a rock made of sandstone and mudstone. An important feature of this material is poor absorption, thanks to which quartzite is resistant to moisture, as well as acids, bases, fats and salts.

Natural quartzite conducts heat well and can be used to line the fireplace casing. It is also resistant to high temperatures and UV rays.


Travertine is a very interesting material. It is a hard variety of rock with a porous structure consisting mainly of calcite and aragonite. The color of travertine depends on where the rock is mined. It is most often found in such colors as: cream, brown, yellow, gray, red and white.

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