Regardless of the season, a fireplace is a beautiful and cozy addition to any space – commercial or residential. In both homes and workplaces, the most elaborate fireplace designs can create a stunning centerpiece for a room or a breathtaking division between zones of a room. You can choose between options such as modern or classic fireplaces, so that regardless of the interior design, you can get the expected final effect of the room.

There are also corner fireplaces and special fireplaces for living rooms. Classic or modern fireplaces are today one of the most desirable elements of interior design. In the case of a fireplace, its aesthetics is created primarily by the casing, adapted to the type of interior and the individual preferences of the owners. In response to the needs of our customers, we have introduced classic and modern fireplaces, made of natural stone, to our offer. They are an undoubted decoration of houses and apartments, fitting into the minimalist and traditional style. Stone allows you to freely create the appearance of the fireplace, combining with both metal and wooden elements, creating a rustic atmosphere.

A modern living room with a fireplace 

A modern living room with a fireplace is a place to relax, meet and calm down. Therefore, it must be properly designed to fulfill all these functions. In this case, the fireplace casing is important, which is an important decorative element of any interior. Therefore, we offer various versions of fireplaces, made of granite and marble, which we are a direct importer.

We make modern fireplaces, characterized by minimalism in terms of form and color. Natural stones are perfect for this purpose, as they add elegance and unique character to any interior. We use the highest quality materials that guarantee original design and long-term durability. We also offer corner fireplaces that allow for any arrangement of the living room.

Corner fireplaces

Corner fireplaces offer countless benefits to those with large or small spaces. Corner fireplaces optimize the use of space, leaving longer walls open for furniture arrangement. They generate a lot of heat and can be used as a focal point in a room or a secluded extra seating area. They are simple to install during the construction of the house and depending on their ventilation and fuel needs, they can be added to almost any finished room.

The arrangement of corner fireplaces

The arrangement of corner fireplaces is varied and is often related to the size of the room or the length of two intersecting walls in relation to windows and doors. Some are angled 45 degrees across a corner, while others can be placed against the wall with one side facing the corner. The more modern boxed version has a square angle in the corner and sports openings on both sides, so you can enjoy the flames from adjacent areas and rooms.

Regardless of their location, fireplaces easily achieve focal point status with the addition of good-looking cornices, stone borders that rise to the ceiling, or rounded stucco-covered silhouettes. For smaller fireplaces, accent lighting can be used by hanging a stylish mirror or flat screen TV above the fireplace, framing it with built-in bookcases, or making it a visual extension of a free-standing media center.

Corner fireplaces casings

Corner fireplaces can have casings referring to a specific historical style, as well as corresponding to modern design. Stone gives virtually unlimited possibilities in this regard, which is why investors can freely shape the interior design, using the professional support of our employees. We offer comprehensive solutions, including the design, implementation and assembly of the casing. When choosing corner fireplaces, space arrangements can be made freely, even in small rooms.

We also offer classic corner fireplaces, which are characterized by universality of style. Classic fireplaces allow you to arrange interiors with timeless aesthetics, so they are an ideal solution for spaces where lightness of form is required. Classic fireplaces in the living room can also be additionally decorated with ornaments selected by the customer, giving the room an original character. Examples of projects that can be an inspiration for you to design your own fireplace can be found on our website.

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