For the
    love of stone

    ORZECHOWSKI – we share our passion and knowledge about stone as a natural and ideal raw material for designing timeless interiors and facades of buildings. We are a team of professionals and we cooperate in a multidisciplinary team of experts with strategists, designers and architects to create individual, timeless interiors close to nature. We respect natural resources, design and manufacture in the spirit of no waste.

    For the <br />
love of stone

    We are looking forward to cooperate with you, guaranteeing unique product design, high manufacturing quality and professional assembly.

    We Inspire -
    Advise - Design -

    Our team of experts offers clients a comprehensive service. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience about stone. We respond to dreams by designing solutions that use the beauty of natural material and individual customer needs. We carry out the most difficult projects, taking care of the highest quality of implementation.

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    Timeless beauty hidden in the nature of stone

    What all our projects have in common is the amazing beauty of stone and the variety of interior design thanks to the use of its uniqueness. The projects document the possibilities we have when working with clients, they present the type of stone and its use in space.

    They show how natural stone enriches the house, making it unique, unrepeatable and timeless.

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